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Holiday Parties & Peer Pressure: Is Your Teenage Daughter Prepared?

As the year winds down, chances are your teenage daughter is already making plans for her holiday break. While the holiday season is a fun and relaxing time of year, social gatherings among teens can quickly turn into environments that breed peer pressure. During holiday parties and formal dances, many teenage girls quickly find themselves surrounded by alcohol, dating pressures, and other negative influences.

It’s important to be proactive about giving your daughter the necessary knowledge and tools to overcome the peer pressure she may face in social situations, especially around the holidays. Here are some tips to help to navigate these sometimes difficult discussions:

Stay calm and don’t overreact.

One of the worst things you can do when discussing peer pressure is to overact or be aggressive with your tone of voice. This will automatically put your teen on the defense and make her hesitant to share information with you. Rather than bombard your daughter with tons of questions or assumptions, see what she shares with you on her own first. When it comes to peer pressure, the most meaningful conversations will happen when your teen feels comfortable sharing things with you - without you passing judgment. Make an effort to be an active listener and refrain from interjecting your thoughts and opinions. Once your daughter feels comfortable, she’ll be more inclined to hear what you have to say.

Learn about your teen’s social circle.

The reality is that many problems with peer pressure will not stem directly from your daughter, but rather her friends and others around her. It’s important to explain to your daughter that the people she associates with can have negative, long-lasting consequences on her safety and future. While it’s easy to focus solely on your teen’s behaviors, you must make a point to learn about those in her social circle who could potentially be a bad influence and cause her harm. Making sure your daughter understands the importance of associating with the right types of people will help her understand how to identify and foster positive relationships.

Discuss the consequences.

It’s not enough to simply tell your teenager not to do something. You must explain to her the potential consequences of harmful actions, such as underage drinking or getting in a car with somebody who’s under the influence. Don’t be afraid to discuss how these actions can have devastating and potentially fatal consequences on your daughter and others. When it comes to safety, you can never be too honest and forward. The more your daughter understands the severity of harmful behaviors, the more she will think twice before making a poor decision.

By using these tips when discussing peer pressure, you can feel confident your daughter will make positive choices during social events and outings throughout the holidays. The sooner you have the conversation, the better!

The holiday break presents a great time to explore the benefits of a life coach for your teenage daughter. Get in touch with Amy today for a free phone consultation!