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Fun & Empowering Valentine’s Day Ideas For Teen Girls

For many typical teenage girls, Valentine’s Day can bring about feelings of insecurity,

anxiousness, and even dread. Girls who don’t have a significant other or aren’t active in the dating scene can easily feel left out and isolated from their peers when it comes to Valentine’s Day festivities. The good news is that you can customize your holiday the way you want it! Who needs heartbreak and anxiety when there are so many awesome, non-romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with family and friends! Here are some fun and empowering ideas for teenage girls to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Host a girls’ sleepover.

What’s better than a night of games and laughter with your best girlfriends? Consider hosting a sleepover the weekend before Valentine’s day to celebrate friendship and let loose. Some Valentine’s Day themed sleepover activities may include making fondue, watching romantic comedies, or DIY projects. Enjoying a fun-filled girls’ night will get your mind off boys and remind you of the great bonds you have with your friends.

Send your friends Valentine’s Day cards.

Rather than be focused on your crush or a recent heartbreak, why not send your best friends Valentine’s Day cards? Consider writing a personalized Valentine’s Day message to each one of your friends, letting them know how much they mean to you. Recognizing your friends on this holiday is one of the most meaningful things you can do to empower both yourself and them. In addition to making you feel good, your friends will be especially appreciative that you thought of them.

Treat yourself.

Instead of obsessing over being single, treat yourself! Whether it’s a day of pampering or a trip to the mall for something new, giving yourself a little extra special treatment will boost your self-esteem and serve as a reminder that you’re all you need to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Remember, you are your greatest asset.

For the most part, Valentine’s Day is about mind over matter. You don’t need to have a significant other to enjoy the holiday and create long-lasting memories!

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