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Is Your Daughter Ready To Leave For College?

It’s that time of year when many high school seniors are making the decision of where to attend college – a decision that will impact their futures in more ways than one. Despite being “ready” academically, many teen girls are not emotionally prepared for college life. College, especially for students who leave home, brings many major life changes – including new academic rigors and living conditions, new friendships and, most importantly, newfound freedom and independence.

Here are three key factors to consider when determining whether your daughter is ready to go away for college and how a life coach can help with this important transition:

Time management

Many teen girls encounter an entirely new host of responsibilities upon entering college, such as more academic commitments, activities, and part-time jobs. Effective time management is a critical skill for successfully navigating college life and maintaining a healthy balance between school and social life. Teen girls who struggle with time management in high school will likely have an even harder time managing their schedules in college, which can often result in poor grades and harmful distractions. Working with a life coach gives teen girls the tools they need to properly manage their time, so they can thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.


When students are away from home at college, they are expected to make most of their daily decisions on their own. Teen girls who rely heavily on their parents to be their advocates may find adjusting to college life to be very difficult at times. It’s essential that teen girls are comfortable speaking up for themselves, especially in social situations in which alcoholic or drug-related pressures may be pervasive. Self-advocacy is also critical in situations of an academic nature, such as knowing when to seek additional help or tutoring assistance outside the classroom. Life coaching empowers young girls with self-advocacy skills to recognize when and how to receive the support they need throughout their college journeys.


Many teen girls are not prepared emotionally to handle unexpected roadblocks and situations that often arise during the college years. Dating, new social activities (such as sororities), and a whole host of other experiences can prove to be tumultuous, especially during freshman year. If your teen daughter struggles with handling tough situations, such as a break-up or the loss of a friendship, she may not be completely ready to be away at college. Being resilient and able to bounce back from rejection is essential for your teen’s ability to thrive on her own. If your teen daughter is lacking resiliency, life coaching can help her gain the confidence and strength to overcome challenging times throughout college.

Going away to college is one of the most life-altering decisions your daughter will make during her teens years and young adult life. A life coach can equip your teen daughter with the vital skills, knowledge, and confidence she needs to excel in college and beyond!